The Errancy

A Mirror in which we see Ourselves is a short work which can be performed in conventional as well as unconventional spaces, performed by three dancers with live music played by a trio of percussion, voice, and violin.

The work brings together archetypes of our stories, fables and songs, like Niña Trampa, Tía Miseria, or Mariceniza, accompanied by original compositions also inspired by our folklore.

With this work we investigate concepts like the straying from ones path, the feminine figure in the oral tradition and in the amoral and savage story of humanity: folklore as resistance to the domesticfication of the civilized world. The counter history, one that is sung rather than written.


Luz Arcas, Paula Montoya y Raquel Sánchez

Brass and voice
Cristian Buades

Piano, percussion
Carlos González

Laura Fernández

David Santa Cecilia

Luz Arcas

Composition and music direction
Abraham Gragera y Carlos González

La Phármaco

Jorge Colomer

Photography and video
Virginia Rota

Graphic design
María Peinado Florido

Press and production
Rafa Herrera (Hiperbólicas Producciones)

National distribution
A+, M. Ángeles Marchirant y Laura Marín

International distribution
A+, Ángeles Gonzalez

Director and dramaturgy
Luz Arcas y Abraham Gragera

Junta de Andalucía, Centro Danza Canal e INAEM