Treno was born of a poetic image: the first rhythm comes from a first cry, from a first lament, from the first elegy. Treno is a meeting where what is invisible is celebrated, where we sing to the darkness. A modern recreation of an imaginary folklore: a pagan homage to the constantly savage order of things.

In Treno the body and the music are the respiration evoking the world’s rhythm in a ceremony that consecrates its own core, its own bonds.


Choreography and interpretation
Luz Arcas

Laura Fernández Alcalde

Saxo soprano
Mariano Peyrou

Xosé Saqués

Photography and video
Javier Suárez

Graphic design
María Peinado Florido

Distribution and production
Sofía Manrique

Director and Dramaturgy
Luz Arcas and Abraham Gragera