Thirst erodes

A piece in three acts for dancer and soprano. A physical and poetic reflection based on the classical mythology of Kore (Persephone’s name as a girl, before being abducted by Hades, as also interpreted in Eros and Psyche’s soul’s condemnation to exile) and Eros Psicompo (who takes the souls to the underworld).

The concept of the choreography stems from intuition: when a body dances, all other bodies (past, present and future) dance with it. All of these anatomies keep a memory of the rest of the anatomies. The physical language of Time is contained within the body itself.

Thirst Erodes was premiered at the Instituto Cervantes in Casablanca, May 2012.

The project has received the support of Canal Dance Center (Madrid).


Interpretation and choreography
Luz Arcas

Laura Fernández
Rosa Miranda

Jorge Colomer

Celia Mondéjar y Raúl Barrio

Poster photography
Raúl Barrio

Graphic design
Toño F.M

Production and distribution
La Phármaco/ Sofía Manrique

Director and dramaturgy
Luz Arcas
Abraham Gragera