The two-backed monster

The two-backed monster is inspired by Plato’s Symposium, specifically focusing on the myth of androgynous narrated by Aristophanes: We wish to bring desire to movement. To construct dance from desire and its sickness. Two bodies that surrender themselves unconditionally, until losing their form, until they become deformed into a two-backed monster. They inhabit the excesses of their new anatomy.

We want to dance the erosion of desire, over time subdue the monster, dancing the journey from physically coming together to falling apart, to stop amongst the fracture: each bodies return to its unique anatomy. Alone, each body dances its requiem. Wailing for its lost half.

The desperate act of loving what is far away.

This work premiered at the Pradillo Theatre (Madrid), in March 2010


 Interpretation and choreography 
Luz Arcas
Koke Armero

Sound space
Illo Muriel

Luis Enrique Soria

Custome design  

Gustavo Rebollo

Director and dramaturgy
Luz Arcas