Before, it was always fire

Before , it was Always Fire dances the need to construct ourselves within a world, to be an image and likeness, for us to understand precarious forms and attempt to keep them under control. It is the hour of the forge, the fire, the blow and the material, an encounter with submissiveness, the incarnation of feelings and directions.

Two bodies that, rather than dance, are danced. They become docile, anatomical mirrors awaiting a physical correspondence, withstanding the fleeting moments, sustained in fragility. Condemned, always, to be the seed, to be ever vigilante to the possibility of connecting, as if this were beauty’s last hope.

Before, it was Always Fire was inspired by the myth of Prometheus as well as the writings of Heraclitus and Paracelsus. On stage the dance is accompanied by original scores by Henry Purcell, interpreted live by a soprano, viola da gamba and theorbo.

This work premiered at the Festival Escena Contemporánea (Madrid) in February of 2012.

Interpretation and choreography
Luz Arcas
Koke Armero 

Sound space
Illo Muriel

Music interpretation
Manuel Casas, tiorba
Rosa Miranda, voz 
Illo Muriel, viola da gamba

Original music
Henry Purcell

Graphic design
Toño F.M 

Diego Domínguez
María Otero


Custome design
Eva Arinero

Israel Muñoz
Muneka Producciones
Koke Armero 

Raúl Barrio

Distribution and production
La Phármaco

Director and dramaturgy
Luz Arcas